Detachable Train Overskirt for Wedding!

We have the most incredible creative solution for you if you've ever thought about wearing a reception dress but want to keep the same dress. A detachable Train Overskirt for wedding dresses is made to be taken off so you can change your appearance and move around freely while dancing. 

Keep the top portion of your dress, but take off the dramatic overlay in favor of a shorter, more comfortable, or different dress. It's like getting two dresses in one! 

Which overskirt style should I choose?

You can go from a traditional appearance for the ceremony to a trendier, more edgy appearance for the reception! Most bridal gowns with an overskirt are sheath or fit-and-flare styles so that the detachable component can fit comfortably over the dress. 

However, you can go in any direction with Sparkle and Lace.             

Can I make my wedding dress train detachable?

Want your wedding dress to have a particularly long cathedral train for added drama and glitz? The majority of overskirt train lengths, fortunately, are chapel or cathedral lengths, which is a fantastic way to add some wow. By including a detachable train overskirt, you may quickly become reception-ready.  

You may create a bridal gown with Sparkle and Lace that includes a removable overskirt with a train. Allow the overskirt to have a longer train to enhance the drama, and then have a hassle-free sweep train on your wedding dress so that bustle is unnecessary.

What elements should I include?

We can work with you to create a distinctive customized wedding dress that you'll be enchanted entirely with, whether you want to preserve the look of the dress structure by copying the lace on the wedding dress onto the full overskirt or altering up the lace design. 

The detachable train overskirt will give the bridal ensemble cohesion.

Where can I go to get it? 

Most bridal shops offer detachable overskirts for the bride, who can't decide on just one appearance. We have a comprehensive guide to wedding dresses, so you don't have to worry about fit or cost. These gowns come in all designs that you need and can address fit difficulties for plus-size brides. 

 Buy detachable train overskirt online from Sparkle and Lace. It is a fantastic option for tall or small women who struggle with fit when incorporating all of their desired bridal design components, like an overskirt.