The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Wedding Veil with Sparkle and Elegance

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! One of the most important accessories for any bride is the wedding veil. Not only does it complete the bridal look, but it also adds an element of tradition and elegance to the overall ensemble.

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How to style your wedding veil?

The way you style your veil can greatly impact the overall look of your wedding ensemble. Here are a few tips on how to style your veil:

Choose the Right Length

The length of your veil should complement your dress. If you have a dress with a long train, then a cathedral veil would be appropriate. However, a birdcage veil would be more suitable if you have a shorter dress.

Consider the Placement

The placement of your veil is important as it can highlight certain features of your dress. If you have a beautiful backline or intricate detailing on the back of your dress, a veil placed at the back of your head would be ideal. Alternatively, if you have a statement hair accessory or want to highlight your face, a veil placed on top of your head would be more suitable.

Add Some Sparkle

If you want veil with sparkle, try our Sparkle Tulle Net Veils, which will make a stunning and luxurious statement as you walk down the aisle. It is available in various lengths to fit any wedding vision- 75cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm, and 400cm. It is also available in two gorgeous colors- white and champagne. Get our Sparkle Tulle Net Veils and dazzle like a princess on your wedding day!

Final thoughts! 

The wedding veil is an essential accessory that can enhance your bridal look. By following these tips on how to choose a wedding veil, you can ensure that you look your best on your special day.

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